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Thank you for reading this: we welcome any contributions.

All Projector-related projects have the same contributing guidelines. This is the place where they are described: here we talk about creating tickets in our issue tracker, proposing changes by GitHub Pull Requests, and writing about Projector.

Creating an issue

You can create issues in our issue tracker.

If you report a bug, please either describe reproduction steps or mention that you don't know how to reproduce it stably. You can also suggest a feature.

Please don't forget to specify fields of the ticket (in the top right corner):

  • Type (Bug/Feature/Usability Problem and so on),
  • Subsystem (if you are not sure, we have a corresponding item),
  • Affected versions (we use the following formats: server-vX.Y.Z for plain Projector server and client, installer-vX.Y.Z for projector-installer, agent-vX.Y.Z for projector-plugin, launcher-vX.Y.Z for Projector Electron App; if multiple items are affected, they can be enumerated separated by a comma with a space).

If you've found the same ticket, please avoid creating a duplicate. Better vote (and comment with more info) for the existing one! Some tickets have a workaround, so maybe you will get a temporary solution right away.

There are some explanations on how we work with YouTrack to make you a bit more comfortable.

Ticket fields

Fields is a table in the top right corner of a ticket screen. Projector project has the following ones:

  • Project – obviously Projector (can be referenced by PRJ code).
  • Priority – how we see the severity of the issue. We usually take the severity into account when deciding what to resolve next.
  • Type.
  • Subsystem – which part of Projector is affected (Server/Web client/Plugin and so on).
  • State – more on this below in a special section.
  • Affected versions – which Projector versions have the issue.
  • Fix versions – in which Projector versions the issue is resolved.
  • Assignee – who is working/has worked on the issue.
  • Testing – how we should test the issue.
  • Tester – visible only if we should test the issue.

Sometimes the fields are not applicable, so we leave them with a default value.

Ticket states

Please don't change the state field of a ticket. When we triage the ticket, we will change its state from Submitted to Open.

When we are looking for an answer from a reporter, we will change the state to Wait for reply.

Sometimes we place tickets to Backlog meaning that the task will be solved without the priority queue, hopefully soon.

Obsolete – if we reproduced it before but now it's not reproducible for some unknown reason. Can't reproduce – if we try to reproduce it but can't.

When a ticket is marked as gray and strikethrough, it means it's closed and no work from the team regarding it will be done until an extra request.

Ticket activity settings

By default, YouTrack shows only comments under the description of a ticket. You can also enable Issue history to see changes in the description and fields and VCS changes to see the commits and pull requests related to the issue. You can find the corresponding switcher buttons just under the description of a ticket.

Submitting changes

If you want to resolve an issue submitted in the issue tracker or propose a minor edit, open a Pull Request. Better don't include multiple changes in a single PR, create separate.

Pre-commit actions. Before committing, please ensure that code style is correct. If you use IntelliJ IDEA, you can just select the following checkboxes of "Before Commit" actions:

  • Reformat code
  • Rearrange code
  • Optimize imports
  • Cleanup

Commits naming. If there are issues that you address, please mention them in the prefix of commit messages. Usually, a commit name starts with a verb. Example: PRJ-68 Make clipboard owners lose ownership when clipboard is changed by a client.

Spread Projector

We are glad when people talk about our technology. Feel free to tell your friends and colleagues about Projector. If you have written something publicly, a guide or just a short review, or maybe even used Projector in another project, you can always share it on Twitter mentioning @ProjectorJB, we often answer and retweet.