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Thank you for reading this: we welcome any contributions.

All Projector-related projects have the same contributing guidelines. This is the place where they are described.

Creating an issue

You can create issues in our issue tracker.

If you report a bug, please either describe reproduction steps or mention that you don't know how to reproduce it stably. You can also suggest a feature.

Please don't forget to specify fields of the ticket (in the top right corner): type (bug/feature/usability problem), subsystem (if you not sure, we have a special item), affected versions.

If you've found the same ticket, please avoid creating a duplicate. Better vote (and comment with more info) for the existing!

Submitting changes

If you want to resolve an issue submitted in the issue tracker or propose a minor edit, open a Pull Request. Better don't include multiple changes in a single PR, create separate.

Pre-commit actions. Before committing, please ensure that code style is correct. If you use IntelliJ IDEA, you can just select the following checkboxes of "Before Commit" actions:

  • Reformat code
  • Rearrange code
  • Optimize imports
  • Cleanup

Commits naming. If there are issues that you address, please mention them in the prefix of commit messages. Usually, a commit name starts with a verb. Example: PRJ-68 Make clipboard owners lose ownership when clipboard is changed by a client.