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Welcome to Projector

JetBrains incubator project

Projector is a technology to run and access Swing GUI applications remotely.

Here you can find Projector documentation. Use the navigation menu to move between pages. Here is the short overview:

  • User guide is for those who want to understand the ways Projector can be applied e.g. how to set it up and run.
  • Developer guide is for those who want to understand how Projector works e.g. for developers and contributors.
  • About unifies some miscellaneous info.

The state of the Projector

Currently, Projector is generally available. Please evaluate it and send your feedback to the Projector team. Your feedback is vital for understanding the Projector's future and prototyping its new features.

You can report any issues here: Feel free to report any bug or submit a feature request: every single opinion is important.