MPS Maven Plugin

The MPS Maven Plugin is used to generate code from JetBrains MPS models created using MPS language plugins for IntelliJ IDEA. The plugin does not require MPS to be installed on the machine and thus helps integrate MPS into Maven-based continuous integration builds.

Goals Overview

The MPS Maven Plugin has a single goal, mps:generate-java.


The plugin requires MPS deployed in the form of artifacts to a Maven repository. These artifacts can be created and deployed from a local installation of MPS using MPS Maven Deployer.

Generating Java From MPS Models

  1. Deploy the MPS modules (languages and their required solutions) to the Maven repository using MPS Maven Deployer. Deploy any other required languages in the Module Archive (MAR) format
  2. Put your models (*.mps) into the src/main/mps folder.
  3. Add the plugin to your pom.xml and configure dependencies on the artifacts deployed in step 1. For example:

  4. Run mvn generate-sources (or any other Maven goal that includes generate-sources).