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Xodusby JetBrains

Java Transactional Schema-less Embedded database

Get Started

final Environment env = Environments.newInstance("/home/me/.myData");

final Store store = env.computeInTransaction(txn ->
    env.openStore("Messages", WITHOUT_DUPLICATES, txn));
env.executeInTransaction((txn) -> 
   { store.put(txn, stringToEntry("Hello"),
                    stringToEntry("World!")); });

out.println(env.computeInTransaction(txn ->
    entryToString(store.get(txn, stringToEntry("Hello")))));


Getting Started


Xodus uses Log-Structured data storage. Reads are completely non-blocking due to MVCC and true Snapshot isolation.


Here is performance comparison of Xodus, Berkeley DB JE, MapDb, Chronicle Map and H2 MVStore using Tokyo Cabinet Benchmark with 1000000 keys.

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